Back from LA and OFF TO JAMAICA!

Posted on October 26th, 2008 | No Comments » RSS feed
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Just home this afternoon from photographing Kim and Bryant’s wonderful wedding day in LA and I’m heading back to the airport in hour – this time JAMAICA bound to photograph Mike and Sarah’s wedding – it’s going to be amazing!  Angie and I will be out of the office until November 4th and may just come back with a tan!  Well, Angie will at least – those who know me know I’m a shade chaser – will be enjoying the view, catching up on some work and relaxing under an umbrella when not photographing gorgeous Sarah and Mike!  Farrah will be checking voicemails and emails in our absence…. thanks in advance for your patience while we’re away!!!  If all goes well I’ll make a valiant attempt at catching up on blog posts while poolside or oceanside in Jamaica – so check back soon!

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